KitchenDraw, kitchen and bathroom design software
Kitchendraw, kitchen and bathroom design software Kitchen and bathroom design software

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  Kitchendraw, kitchen and bathroom design software

:: Pricing ::

At last a pricing scheme that is both clear and attractive!

Download KitchenDraw for free,

Use it 20 hours free (no Internet connection required),

Then load extra hours at 3 Euros per hour maximum (by packs of 20, 50, 100 or 200 hours),

Download for free generic or manufacturer catalogs from the Catalogs section of the web site (often suject to an authorization),

Receive a lot of free hours if you are an intensive user,

Get free and unlimited e-mail support as well as free software and catalog upgrades.

Unique advantages

No investment,

No annual expenses for maintenance and updates,

Perfect cost control, with costs always proportional to your activity level (between 2 and 4 euros per project file, which is about the price of the stamps to mail the plan to your customer),

Run KitchenDraw on as many computers as you like.


the totally risk-free software !

... And there is no need to worry should you become an intensive user or if all your sales personnel wants to use KitchenDraw: every year, on the basis of your consumption, you are allowed a number of free hours, which can lower the cost per hour down to 1 euro.

The number of free hours allowed per account is calculated as follows:

1. There are no free hours for the first 200 hours bought in the year,

2. The 200 following hours allow you 1 free hour for 2 hours bought
(average cost per hour: 2 euros),

3. The following hours allow you 2 free hours for 1 hour bought
(average cost per hour: 1 euro).

If you intend to run KitchenDraw on several computers, you should connect them over a single network and share the project files directory (scenes directory) that includes the hours account. This allows all your computers to clock up hours on the same hours account, thus accumulating free hours more quickly (click here for more information).

    KitchenDraw, Kitchendraw, kitchen and bathroom design software
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