KitchenDraw, kitchen and bathroom design software
Kitchendraw, kitchen and bathroom design software Kitchen and bathroom design software

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  Kitchendraw, kitchen and bathroom design software

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KitchenDraw is an open software you can adapt to your needs!

At the catalog level:

  • Control the creation and the updates of your own catalogs (thanks to the built-in catalog editor, MobiScript),
  • Import data into the catalogs programatically (thanks to the SDK),
  • Embed 3D complex or on measure objects configurators into the catalogs to guide the sellers (thanks to the AppliCatBuilder extension),
  • Export data and cabinet pictures by programme (thanks to the SDK),
  • Automatic "Push" of your catalogs to your dealers (partner area on the KD web site).

At the functional level:

  • Custom menu commands or events can fire special functions: current scene validity checking, data export to another software, discount management, dynamic link with an ERP or CRM software, etc. (SDK),
  • Standard menu commands can be removed (SDK),
  • Standard dialog boxes can be modified or replaced (SDK),
  • Specific Order File formats can be handled (SDK).

At the visual level:

  • Custom Welcome screen,
  • Custom trade documents (estimate, order forms, etc.),
  • And even in some cases: custom installation file and custom programme name.

Give KitchenDraw to your dealers!

Why not offering to your dealers a tool to help them sell your products?

You can buy KitchenDraw hours of use in bulk at a preferential price and register your dealers acounts as your own accounts.
These accounts will automatically recharge hours through the Internet when they are empty but you will be free to determine the maximum number of hours they can recharge each month and to disable accounts.
Of course, these accounts will use only the catalogs you have chosen.

Thanks to the "My accounts" page of the KitchenDraw web site you will be able to follow your dealers activity in real time. This page has a graph showing the hours recharges.

Control your own catalogs !

Thanks to the revolutionary MobiScript tool integrated into KitchenDraw, easily and quickly create and update your multilingual catalogs with faithful graphics and comprehensive and precise pricing!
Furthermore, thanks to our new Internet catalogs distribution system, you can rest assured that nobody can access the data in your catalogs without your agreement:
You have the option to receive per e-mail the inquiries from KitchenDraw users interested in your catalogs, allowing you to give your agreement individually, simply by clicking onto a link.
Any catalog downloaded by an authorized user is coded for that user and cannot be used on any other system.
You will also have available on the site a private area allowing you to check the list of users allowed access to your catalogs, and change it if required; you can also place your updated catalogs on our Website.

Customize and Extend KitchenDraw’s Functions !

Thanks to the "KitchenDraw SDK", you can personalize and extend KitchenDraw’s functions, yourself or with the assistance of external developers.
You can for example develop a module for the generation of dedicated order files; a module for the update or the creation of KitchenDraw catalogs from your own data; a module for the control of the orders validity; etc.
You can also create wizards, i.e. small programs for the definition of complex objects (complicated worktops, special furniture, etc.) or even a dynamic interface between KitchenDraw and a management program.

In fact, the "KitchenDraw SDK" gives you access by program to the data in the scenes and the catalogs, and allows to "plug" your own modules into the "sockets" provided for in KitchenDraw.

Provide your dealers with a whole set of free services !

A whole set of free services is available at :

  • Software downloads and catalog updates,
  • Online training,
  • Free e-mail support.

Don’t forget export !

The KitchenDraw software package and internet site are both multilingual (English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Czech, Portuguese, Polish, Turkish, Hebrew, Russian, Chinese).

The catalogs generated with Mobiscript are automatically multilingual.
Free e-mail support is available in the languages mentioned above.
Kitchendraw is compatible with both the metric system and the imperial system (inches and feet).
An international network of business partners is being set up in order to ensure local services (on site or remote training and assistance, hot line, etc.).

Receive your orders via E-mail !

All you have to do to receive orders from your dealers via e-mail is to get an e-mail address. The orders generated by KitchenDraw are in .XML format: they can be integrated into pieces of software like Microsoft Biztalk Server and interfaced with your existing software products (ERP, order management, production management, etc.).

KitchenDraw : you have a lot to gain with it...
... so do contact us

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